Soil & Plant Extract Analysis- Recommended Instruments

For high throughput labs looking for a soil nutrient analyzer to run up to 4 or 5 chemistries, the AA3 or QuAAtro Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers are ideal. For low to medium throughput labs looking for a soil analyzer with multiple chemistries consider a SEAL AQ Discrete Analyzer. All SEAL soil analyzers have USEPA, AOAC & IOC compliant methods. Please contact us to discuss your laboratory's requirements.

Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers

For over 50 years SEAL Analytical (previously Bran+Luebbe/ Technicon) has been the expert in environmental analyzers, soil analyzers and sample preparation instruments. We understand that regulated standard methods are critical, so all SEAL soil analyzers are supplied with detailed method descriptions including reagent make up, flow diagrams and specific application notes.


Soil Analyzer Methods

  • SEAL Analytical has an extensive library of over 1000 methods.
  • USEPA, AOAC & ISO compatible methods available.
  • USEPA methodologies for automated colorimetric analysis reference the Technicon AutoAnalyzer II (replaced with the AutoAnalyzer 3).
  • Each method is multi-range, giving the ability to set up your desired range.
  • Dialyzers are sometimes used to stop any color interference and/or dilution.
  • Methods used with older AutoAnalyzer II and TrAAcs systems are completely transferable to current model AutoAnalyzers.

The Multitest Manifolds Advantage

  • We have Multitest Manifolds specially developed for soil & plant extract analysis.
  • Ideal for labs with small to medium workloads, or where some tests are required only occasionally, as there is no need for a separate manifold for each chemistry.
  • Allows you to analyze a large number of different parameters on a single channel soil analyzer.
  • Extends any size continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer to a multiple channel soil analyzer.
  • Saves time, lowers your purchase & maintenance costs, and saves space.
  • When changing from one test to another only the reagents and the colorimeter filter need to be exchanged.
  • List of Multitest Methods ideal for soil analyzers using AutoAnalyzer 3 HR. 
  • List of Multitest Methods ideal for soil analyzers using QuAAtro.

Sample Preparation

  • Methods are available for all common sample preparation procedures, including Kjeldahl (Acid Digestions) and Ashing.
  • For automated Kjeldahl digestions use a Hot Block Digestion system (BD28 & BD50)

Typical Soil Analyzer Parameters

Aluminum  Ammonia  Amino Acids Boron
Calcium Carbohydrate Carbon (dissolved organic) Carbon (Organic)
Chloride Fluoride Iodine Iron
Magnesium Manganese Nitrate Nitrite
Nitrogen, total Phosphate Phosphorous, total Potassium
Soluble carbohydrates Potassium Silicate Sodium








Discrete Analyzers

The compact Discrete Analyzers make ideal plant & soil nutrient analyzers. They are supported by a large library of methods specifically for environmental analysis and include analyses important in soil nutrient analysis.


Soil Nutrient Analyzer Methods

  • Over 30 methods specifically for the environmental market.
  • Our stated detection limits will be achieved by typical laboratories. Many users exceed these detection limits.
  • List of Discrete Analyzer methods

Typical Soil Nutrient Parameters

Ammonia  Calcium        Chloride Fluoride
Iron Manganese Nitrate Nitrite
Nitrogen, total   Phosphate Phosphorous, total  Potassium
Silicate Sulfate    
Plus more in development...


Sample Preparation