NOx 4 way Valve Maintenance Kit

NEW NOx 4 way valve Maintenance Kit


Includes New Valve and Flanging Tool

The 4 way valve used on SEAL Manifolds to switch the Cadmium Column in when reducing Nitrate to Nitrite.

1 ea 566+0010-01 4 way valve
2 ea 508+2011-01 Nut, Black 4 way valve
2 ea 508+2011-06 Nut, Red 4 way valve
3 ea 508+2012-01 Ferrule, Blue 4 way valve
1 ea 562-0215-01 Tubing PE 0.030 ID pkg 3 meter
1 ea 116-0536-11 Tubing std 0.051 ID Pkg 3 meter
20 ea 116-0004-01 N6 Nipple
1 ea JR-20154 Flanging Tool, PE
SEAL NOx 4 way Valve Maintenance Kit



Easy Step By Step Instructions

Step 1:
-  Cut the PE tubing (562-2015-01) to the desired length
-  Use Clean Cut Tool  square off both ends of the PE tubing
  Insert the tubing into the Tubing Holder (smallest hole)
  Use the Distance Gauge end of Flanging Roller to set the     length protruding (opposite end of flanging roller)
  Lock tubing in the clamping device

Step 2:
Insert the disc (201541) with 0.80 mm pin into flanging roller
Insert disc pin into tubing end to be flanged
Apply a steady gentle pressure and rotate the flange-roller to form the flange (about 20 seconds)

Step 3:
Remove the tube from the clamping device
Install Ferrule (blue) onto the flanged tube (large end toward the flange)
Install the Nut for 4 way valve (either Red or Black as appropriate)

Step 4:
Sleeve the PE Tube ( ½ " piece 116-0536-11 Tubing) (Stretch the sleeving tube and dip into DI water)
If attaching to Glass – Cut through both tubes to form a square end then us a ¾" piece of 116-0536-16 tubing)
If attaching to Cadmium Column – the N6 nipple will connect directly into the ½ " length of 116-0536-11 tubing
Screw nut with tube attached into the 4 way valve body

Clean Cut Tool p/o JR-20154

PE Flanging Tool in use PN: JR-20154

4 way Valve PN: 566+0010-01

N6 nipple sleeved to PE