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Support Contracts

Maximize Serviceable LifeSeal Analytical AQ2
Regular preventative maintenance should be conducted on all analyzers to ensure optimal analytical performance, minimal downtime, and to maximize serviceable life from the instrument.  Preventative maintenance is just one of the benefits of the Service and Support Contracts offered by SEAL Analytical.  Other benefits include 
priority phone and email support, software upgrades, method updates, emergency on-site visits, and even discounts on parts and consumables!    SEAL Analytical AQ1 - Discrete Analyzer

Choose a Contract to Suit Your Needs
SEAL offers an array of contracts to suit your support and maintenance requirements, which are designed to save you 
moSeal Analytical AA3 Segmented Flow Analyzerney as well as keep you operating smoothly.  You may    choose from one of our agreements or have one tailor-made to meet your requirements. 

The choice is yours!

Service and Support Contracts are available for the following Seal QuAAtro SFA Analyzerinstruments:

  • AQ400 Discrete Analyzer
  • AQ2 Discrete Analyzer
  • AQ1 Discrete Analyzer
  • AQUA Discrete Analyzer (UK only)
  • AutoAnalyzer 3 (AA3)
  • AutoAnalyzer II (AA2)
  • AutoAnalyzer 1 (AA1)
  • TrAAcs 800, TrAAcs 2000
  • QuAAtro

Please Contact SEAL Analytical for details on the Service and Support Contracts available in your area. 


AQ2 Preventative Maintenance Visit

Yearly Preventative Maintenance is Critical
A Yearly Preventative Maintenance Visit is critical to the proper operation and long term life of your SEAL AQ2 Analyzer. During the annual PM Visit, the SEAL Factory Trained Service Engineer will replace the following items:
•   Source Lamp
•   All tubing including the waste tubing
•   Aspiration Probe
•   Sampler Probe
•   Probe Washer
•   Pump Tubing

•   Syringe Body, Piston and O-ring

Clean and Lubricate (as appropriate):
•   Cuvette
•   Lenses in the Optics Module
•   Wash Pump Roller Assembly
•   Aspiration Pump Roller Assembly
•   Aspiration Vertical and Horizontal Drives
•   Vertical Sampler Drive
•   Syringe Drive
•   Aspiration Wash Bath
•   Syringe Wash Bath

Electronic Checks / Adjustments:
•   All Power Supplies are Checked
•   Lamp Voltage Adjusted
•   Detector Regulated Supplies

Mechanical Checks / Adjustments:
•   Alignment of each motor position
•   Sampler and Aspiration Probe Depth
•   Aspiration Wash Pump Volume
•   Aspiration Pump Volume

Instrument Validation Testing:
•   Measuring Diagnostic - 30 repetition minimum
•   Wavelength Linearity
•   Wavelength Precision
•   Optical Base Line